What teeth whitening options are available at Stone Ridge Family Dentistry?

Brightening the smile with over-the-counter whitening products may work for some patients, but others may want more dramatic results. To do this, our Stone Ridge Family Dentistry team in South Riding, Virginia, will often recommend professional teeth whitening services.

Whitening the smile with cosmetic dentistry

Our facility offers two methods of professional teeth whitening for our patients, including teeth whitening at home and teeth bleaching in-office.

  • At-home professional whitening. Patients who want to gradually whiten their teeth economically will want to ask our team about the benefits of our teeth whitening at-home kits. These include custom whitening trays made from impressions of the smile, which are used with strong bleaching gel. Patients wear the trays for a specific period each day until their smile is whitened to their desired appearance. Then, regular treatments can maintain the results.
  • In-office teeth bleaching. Alternatively, patients who want faster results and treatment administered by our professional team may want to ask about in-office teeth bleaching. This is done right in the dentist’s chair in less than two hours, brightening the natural teeth enamel while you wait! Our in-office service can brighten teeth up to eight shades whiter in one visit, making it the perfect way to prepare for events such as family reunions or weddings where you want your smile to look its best!

Which treatment is right for me?

Choosing a teeth whitening solution from our selection of cosmetic dentistry services will depend greatly on several factors. This includes the price you are willing to pay, the speed at which the teeth are whitened, and whether or not you want the treatment performed and monitored by a dental professional. During a consultation visit with Drs. Mallory Grossman and Kelly Lincoln at Stone Ridge Family Dentistry, we can help you decide on the best treatment for your needs.

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